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You want to make sure you always have room enough to buy the next great read from the Kindle bookstore. Overall, the DX is one of the few e-readers available to Western Europeans and North American.

The Kindle DX, Now In Black — Like That Other Device We Shall Not Name – And they now have over 620,000 books in the store to buy — on top of 1.8 million free, out-of-print books. It’s still not clear why anyone would get a Kindle DX when they can get the iPad for a little.

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Today Only: Get $80 Off Amazon’s Kindle DX – NEW YORK (MainStreet) – While the Amazon Kindle used its world-beating price-point of $139 (or $114 if you don’t mind ads) to climb to the top of the e-reader pile, Amazon also offers a premium.

One advantage the DX has is the ability to render text to speech. It has two speakers so you can listen to audiobooks or listen to music while you are reading. There is a small dedicated section on.

Read in Sunlight with No Glare: Unlike backlit computer or LCD screens, Kindle DX’s screen looks and reads like real paper, with no glare. Read as easily in bright sunlight as in the living room. Buy.

The DX is basically a 9.7-inch reading.

In short, this is a bigger Kindle. But is it the Kindle for you? I’m convinced that the Kindle – as a brand – is the book reader to buy. Unless you’re into.

Amazon will ship an international edition of its 9.7-inch screen Kindle DX, beginning January 19th.

Hopefully Amazon will have managed to buy up some non-US power-plugs, which was (and still is).

Gizmodo first noticed the unavailable Kindle Touches and notes that the unloved Kindle DX is marked down to $269 (from $379) today as well. Barnes & Noble introduced the $139 front-lit Nook with.

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