Anna Strunsky

These traits emerge clearly in his family life. After his sweetheart, Anna Strunsky, rebuffed his advances (she was playing coy, it turned out), London proposed days later to Elizabeth (Bessie).

Feb 21, 1999  · Anna Strunsky and William English Walling. By James Boylan. Illustrated. 334 pp. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press. $34.95. FEW people today can imagine, let.

The headline declared, "In Defiance of Social Conventions; As Anna Strunsky She Will be Known." Before the Springfield race riots, both Anna and English had been well recognized for their writings on a variety of causes including labor rights, disenfranchisement, and the 1905 Russian Revolution.

Rose Strunsky in Russia . Anna and Rose took up the offer and arrived in December, 1905: "He (Walling) met us at the train, dressed in a big Russian coat and an astrakhan cap. I kissed him." Strunsky was excited by the revolutionary atmosphere of the city.

More than a score of books about Jack London have appeared since his death.

Granting the "large and obvious" personal faults to which Anna Strunsky Walling alluded, the unembellished facts of.

I knew him as a Socialist. His wife, Anna Strunsky, had shown interest in the Niagara movement. The two had been together in Russia, where Mrs. Walling had been imprisoned for a short time, accused of.

Jack London’s The Iron Heel: An enduring classic – “I am deep in the beginning of a socialistic novel.

I am going to call it The Iron Heel. How’s that for a title.

The Kempton-Wace Letters (1903), with Anna Strunsky, a lifelong socialist and.

Four Legs Good – In the fall of 1899, London went steady with Elizabeth May Maddern, the fiancée of a late friend, but he was soon bicycling to the house of a Russian-born Stanford student and socialist named Anna.

"In a thoroughly researched, complex, and nuanced joint biography of Anna Strunsky and William English Walling, James Boylan has captured the rich ambiguity and conflict of this tumultuous age and of the men and women who truly believed in its revolutionary potential. . . .

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