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Here’s a look at five big-time books that won’t go Hollywood on us any time soon.

a 1949 flick called My Foolish Heart (based on the author’s short story "Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut") got.

a lovely small book with gilded page edges which used to have a silver-edged companion, Through the Looking-Glass), The Hobbit (which has about six handsome hardcover versions and I love them all for.

Historical treasure: Uncle Wiggily evolves from books to board game – Then he ended with a tease about what Uncle Wiggily would be up to next. The series was so popular that it ran in the newspapers for almost 40 years, and the books continue to be popular. Writing for.

In his heyday, Garis also published a series of children’s books featuring Uncle Wiggily. I have several that are definitely in the antique category (if books qualify); I read them to the Willard kids.

a vintage book with Dr. Seuss illustrations, an old edition of “Old Yeller,” and a 1925 edition of “Uncle Wiggily.” “The rest of the building is full of every fiction author you can think of,” Yates.

They were syndicated, and appeared in newspapers all across the country. Collectors can find Uncle Wiggily books and comic books, as well as games, puzzles and dishes. Your bowl, made in Sebring, Ohio.

I think about when I was 6 and could not read yet, dad use to read me from the daily newspaper a short story called Uncle Wiggily. I think Uncle was a.

I bought my grandchildren a huge book of all.

I adored the Nancy Drew books and read just about anything labeled young adult.

My Aunt Josephine, now in her 90s, used to read the Uncle Wiggily story from the daily newspaper to us. I was too.

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