History Of Mr Polly

LONDON — The fanciful style that H.G. Wells employed for his 1910 comic novel "The History of Mr. Polly" is difficult to transfer to the screen but ITV has done a good job with its new version thanks.

The History of Mr Polly – Driven to despair by the aimlessness of life in the drapery trade, unfriendly neighbours and the incessant nagging of his wife, Alfred Polly decides to end it all.

Written in 1910, Wells’ The History of Mr. Polly is a comic look at a fellow who simply wants to get on in life, yet soon grows dissatisfied with the options open to him. Author Wells may be nothing.

Alfred Polly is a sensitive soul. His job as a draper’s assistant.

Adventure and romance ensue but soon his history finds a way of repeating. A classic tale of fate or chance, the Hist.

Lee Evans is to star in ITV1’s new adaptation of HG Wells’ The History of Mr Polly. Funnyman Evans will play the eponymous hero of Wells’ bittersweet tale of a man’s search for a new life. Set in Kent.

While H.G. Wells (1866- 1946) remains best known today for what he called his “scientific romances,” he was far more than just the author of “The Time Machine,” “The Island of Dr. Moreau” and “The War.

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Wells’s fans will have their favourites. But I have chosen The History of Mr Polly, a novel from Wells’s early middle age (he wrote it when he was 44), a delightful comedy of everyday Edwardian.

The History of Mr. Polly Reviews – John Mills is always good and is one of my favourite actors. On a downside I don’t think this film explains very well what is happening with Mr Polly and I was left wondering what was going on at.

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